New Drivers

Aquacars – New Drivers

If you are interested in becoming a private hire driver, or know someone that is. This page gives you a brief explanation on how to become a private hire driver, the procedure on what Fast Track Vehicle Leasing can do for you, it explains the benefits of becoming a private hire driver.

Firstly, Aquacars is the biggest taxi company on the South Coast of England. They have the large proportion of the work in Portsmouth and the surrounding area, so work is always available 24 hours a day. Whether you want to work daytime, or night time, your day is never the same twice, you meet new and interesting people every day. You never know where your next fare could take you.

Fast Track Vehicle Leasing provide vehicles to drivers that wish to drive for Aquacars. We will help new drivers to complete the process of getting their private hire badge. Both financially, showing them where to go and what to do.

Below are the current fees, we will financially help you with all of this apart from the CRB check. Once you have started working we will work out a comfortable payment plan to pay this back.

Current fees

CRB Check£55.00
Knowledge Test£12.00 (per attempt)
Drug Screening Test£44.00
Private Hire Licence£70.00
MedicalCarried out by your own GP
Aquacars Uniform£50.00 – £80.00


FIRST STEP: Once you are ready to start the process, give me a call or email me. I will send out the form pack. Then please fill out the red Private Hire application form both sides and return to me either by person or in the post and I will return this to you signed by Aquacars. Next step is to fill out the CRB form and take to the civic offices offices along with the signed, completed application form. Also required are three forms of I.D. Both parts of your driving licence (these must be at your current address) Passport or Birth Certificate, Utility Bill, Bank Statement dated within the last three months. The CRB fee currently is £54.00 this is the only fee we ask any driver to pay for.

SECOND STEP: You will need a good sound knowledge of the Portsmouth and surrounding area, to pass the test at the civic offices. You will also need two references from someone who has known you for at least three years (not relatives or someone in the taxi industry).

THIRD STEP: After the CRB has been returned and you have passed both the tests, you now can contact your own doctor and book a medical.

FORTH STEP: The medical completed, you now have to have a drug test, all being well and passed fit, you can pick up your badge.

FIFTH STEP: Aquacars office for data training, this happens at 10.00 am on Mondays, where you will be familiarised with the computer system in each car and once completed you are now a fully qualified Aquacars driver.



02392 780666 or 07525 835960